A guide to buying the best inverter battery

microtek inverter

Actually, the inverter is a device that every household utilizes as a power backup, in case of power shortage. The main core part of an inverter is a battery, which can be a backbone for the inverter. More frequently, it is a battery of an inverter, which potentially affects the performance, power, and life.

Presently, there are several different kinds of batteries available that are engaged in the inverters such as tubular batteries, lead acid, and maintenance free batteries. Now, one of the most common types is microtek inverter battery that has the capability to produce an enormous quantity of power and also have a long life.

With the advancement of technology, each form of inverter battery has its own pros and cons. It does not matter what type of battery is chosen, but you must take proper care and also try to keep your batteries healthy to extend the lifetime for a long. However, every inverter battery is highly efficient, ultimately safe and also come with a larger lifespan.

About Microtek inverter battery

microtek inverter

The Microtek is one of the biggest power products manufacturers in the county that provided uninterrupted power supply to the customers. Moreover, it is also awarded as a number one brand that specially built with IPS technology, which saves more power so that each UPS receives free within three years. The range of this external battery is from 700 VA to 10KVA.

The great thing about Microtek inverter battery is having a full range of line communicating UPS from 625 VA to 1000 VA. This up is becoming an ideal option to offer you full protection to your systems. Furthermore, this product is manufactured in the state-of-art automatic manufacturing plants that are well equipped with Hi-tech machines.

Another interesting detail about Microtek product is having so many advantages, which are specially developed for the benefit of a user. This inverter battery now comes with three excellent features such as auto restart, circuit breaker and intelli power saving technology.

Shop Microtek inverter battery on online

When it comes to purchasing the Microtek inverter battery on the internet for your home and stay chill on this summer, there are so many effective and affordable Microtek inverters available to select from the topmost brand. Before buying this inverter battery, you have to compare the costs on different web portals and then select the one that suits your needs and requirements as well.

One of the major benefits of buying inverter battery online are offered you at affordable prices and also get some cash back offers and discounts as well. On top of all, you can also read the Microtek inverter batteries review that helps you make a wise decision. If you are searching for the best inverter for your tiny home improvement, the best Microtek inverter battery is the right choice for you.


  • Great battery management
  • Noiseless sine wave inverter
  • Fast charging capability


  • The bypass is manual and not automatic
  • Switchover time can be lower
  • No circuit breaker
  • No LCD display of battery status
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