What are the birthday wishes according to religion?

birthday wishes to mother in law

The birthday is the anniversary of a person’s birth. The birthdays are celebrated with cakes, chocolates, parties, cards and it also acts as a passage rite. Many religious founders celebrate their birthday may also permit special holidays such as the birthday of Buddha, Christmas, Krishna Janmashtami, and as well the Mawlid. Here we are going to discuss the birthday that is celebrated in the way of different regions. For example, we can say about the people who lived in the period of Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, etc… I had tried to notice the special type of birthday wishes to mother in lawat that time I have noticed such type of birthday celebrations according to the religion.


At first, we are going to see about Buddhism, monasteries used to celebrate their birthday by Buddha statue in a ritualized way. If the person is alive, they used to bathe him and as well they fed him.


Hindus celebrate their anniversary to their month and day as well in regarding the lunar or solar month. Even the name of the person used to decide it by the day and Nakshatra which they have born.

birthday wishes to mother in law


In the early centuries, the Christians of origin in the commentary of “On Levites” wrote that the Christians celebrate their birthday not only in the form of refraining them. In medieval ages, the ordinary folks had celebrated saint’s day. In modern days of Christianity, had accepted the practice today and as well the person has also celebrated the name day of the person.


Some Muslims had opposed the birthday celebration they regard the celebration as a sin. Some peoples have migrated their citied from one to another in case of celebrating their birthday even though some of the people resits in celebrating the occasions like anniversary, birthday, etc… these are the some of the religions that I have noticed, now you can also come through this to gain a piece of knowledge.

The majority of people love to celebrate their birthday with their family, relatives and as well neighbours. There are different methods of celebrating the birthday according to their different types of thinking and evaluation. Which type of birthday surprise will remain in the heart? it is very hard to fulfil a person’s needs, but talking with the person with love is not very easy as we think . as you everyone guess the conversations with love should be from the heart not only from your brain such as acting. Mother and as well mother-in-law in same, for our mother we used to talk freely and shares a piece of information that what may happen. So, get the conversation with your mother-in-law freely and get to understand their reality of the person and about their thoughts. According to psychology, the person shares any pressure or stress with another person that may leads you in relax way. If you do this you can almost say that every day is your mother-in-law birthday. This is about the different religions’ birthdays and as well my tip to get closer with your mother-in-law.

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