Things to Know About the Terrarium

Terrarium Singapore

Having a garden at home is a dream for many environment lovers. A green environment can stimulate good vibes with fresh surrounding that positively affects mental health. Many people love gardening but due to lack of space at home, they can’t make it possible, but now they can make a small or mini garden at their home with the help of a Terrarium Singapore

Before starting a terrarium or home gardening at home you need to know something about it. Today in this article we will discuss those things. We all know that plants require some care, they also get infected. If you find that the leaves of the plant are yellow, then you have to buy an insecticidal soap from the local gardening shop and then you have to apply it on infected plants.

You can also buy pebble or rocks to deter gnats to avoid over watering. But if the plant is still infected then you have to remove the entire plant. The plants for the terrariums are inexpensive and a sick plant in a terrarium could be easily harming the other plants. So always check bugs prior to purchasing, it will save your time and also money. The terrarium plants do not require frequent watering.

The closed one required the watering once in a month on average bases but rest things depend on a variety of factors. For the open terrarium you have to water them after every 3-6 weeks. You have to make a schedule to check the soil and see how much water plants need.

Terrarium Singapore

What type of light is required by these plants?

Every plant on this earth requires light, some want direct light, and some of them indirect light . But for the terrarium, you can use artificial light.

For the artificial light you can use fluorescent bulbs.   If they are air tight then terrariums are fine but we are suggesting you remove the lid periodically. If you are confused between the glass and plastic containers then you will suggest that plastic containers like out of acrylic, are fine. It’s prevented condensation and also allows you better visibility. The glass jars, candy jars, small fish container, coffee pots are best for the terrarium. You can DIY them.

If you don’t want to spend money then you can use the wine bottle but due to narrow opening, planting is difficult. Indoor plants or house plants are good and typically used in terrariums because they do not need so much care and time.

Always choose the slow growing plants but some of plants are difficult to grow without high humidity or high light.  Some of them required Coco- coir, peat moss or houseplant soil works with most plants. Always use the best soil.

The indoor planting always required less maintenance. If you are looking for the traditional plants, they are very easy to maintain and also long lasting. They can absorb vapour themselves so these types of plants are best for your home garden or terrarium. So, always keep these some important points in mind and always join the best workshop for terrarium.

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