The world with lots of competition and suffering


All one is running in the world with the only one reason that is to be a shuttle in the life all the one cannot beget success in the single chance only a few are begets successful and many others are be keep on running in the world with the faith of one day the world turns towards us so they all keep on running till the day comes so all the one are be running in the life to conveyancing  other many of the people are be trying to prove them to the other person he doesn’t understand that proving himself leads to the good goals many living legends are be trying to prove themselves after again and again after the each records no one is be gets tired to practising because the only the practice makes the man gets to be perfect it gives one fire in the work so they all come and helps the man to be better performed on their field

Sachin Tendulkar 


Did all come to know the Sachin Tendulkar he was the simply called as the cricket god he has the millions of the fans in her field he was the famous Indian cricketer he is the only legend to score the hundred century in the cricket and the most run-scorer in the cricket history till now there is no person comes to break the record of him so if he asked the Sachin what is the secret he had said there is no secret the only thing is the practice the Sachin always said that he did not like the hundred centuries he has to play lots he wants to break the all the records that have been scored in the cricket history he plays the cricket for only convincing himself only for satisfaction himself not for convincing or satisfying the others so this is the only reason for being the successful cricketer of all the time so the Sachin Tendulkar is the biggest inspiration to all the one?

To know your potential 

We should work hard to test our potential if we correct explore it only ones it has been made you get success so make the task that make you potential strongly we should never and ever give up in any time so keep on trying the many experience people said keep trying till die that means on the time of the death we should be trying to achieve our goals so in the many cases the only practice and the good discipline make the person higher so we should have the good attitude so at the many time our attitude speaks we must learn the good attitudes towards the all if anyone shows the anger we have to cool that not means we try to convince the others it means we have the reason for that anger and we should be very stable in all the situations so that our life is to be the very short maximum we have to live for ourselves not for any others so always practice to be convinced ourselves and not practice for others be cheers and prove yourself in the world

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