Roger Dubuis: Being an amazing advantage in extravagance watches and constructing a daring society

roger dubuis aaa

Worn and supported through Michael Jordon to becoming a member of forces with Lamborghini, Roger Dubuis is a notable benefit in the extravagance watch global. President Nicola Andreatta addresses Nima Suchak approximately the extreme and valiant lifestyle of the Roger Dubuis brand.

roger dubuis aaa

Roger Dubuis’ President Nicola Andreatta comes from a legacy of watchmaking spreading over three sometimes. Like roger dubuis aaa , be that as it can, an adoration for doing matters every other manner has been a critical thing in his effective vocation in extravagance.

What rings a bell whilst you consider the way of contemplating Roger Dubuis?

Nicola: The top-notch word to suggest Roger Dubuis is abundance – usually going past. This impeccably portrays what we are. We related more than one phrase – satisfaction, frenzy, possibility. Those, alongside overabundance, constitute what is the issue proper here. Our image message is continuously advancing to reflect our religion is continuously surpassing and going beyond the possibilities of people, of watchmaking. Our clients are enamored with making every 2nd rely on. They may be gluttons, who smash themselves, who like toys.

How was the experience of uncovering new portions carefully at Watches and Ponders?

Nicola: This year confirmed how we can have an inexpensive and interface with partners in an exchange manner. We had been not able to have done it sincerely in Geneva, however, we did the whole lot we ought to make it an exceptional come upon.

Pronouncing that, I can usually be agreeable to a real social event. Explicitly for us, we don’t promote an item. We are selective, and we have got a confined presence. We need to address this duality of being apparent and simultaneously being select out. So it’s miles in every case better to satisfy our clients for the motive that we want them to come upon our image.

What become the response to the two new quantities, Excalibur Twofold and Excalibur Diabolus in Machina?

Nicola: We wanted to show what we can do at Watches and Ponders, and we did it with the ones two mind-blowing watches. Excalibur Twofold displayed three international debuts – a few other wonderful white composite cloth, sparkling elements on the kind, and tremendous elastic on the lash.

The Excalibur Diabolus in Machina is a totally precise cutting side know-how of our famous moment repeater idea. We worked for a very long time to draw out this unmarried watch. in the order you could envision, no longer many people across the planet can be permitted to peer it, contact it, and enjoy the sound.

Wherein do you see the logo in the following five years?

Nicola: it is the appropriate possibility for us to sparkle. I am hopeful regarding what we will discover in certain business sectors after this could be completed. Human beings want to stay. Our clients will keep voyaging, keep making the maximum in their lives, hold to encounter insane matters and emotions. furthermore, we are there for them… to provide them a few issues to mess around with… the most outstanding component the pleasant in watchmaking, and alternate lifestyles wherein they may live, understand and experience with us. I don’t forget Roger Dubuis will quicken concerning interfacing with our extended family and with our customers. Being regular with our very own DNA, the challenge for having an extraordinary time might be one of the arising topics later on. So draw towards us, considering we have got an amazing time.

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