How to write online

create a book online

Authors online try hard to get a good story with all the qualities of a real book into a virtual reality and making it better with special effects that can be incorporated with the help of special tools available online to guide you. The process is also easier as there are now many tutorials online to guide you and you can be online author easily. You can write books that easily help relate with today’s generation kids. Online reading will soon be part of the curriculum and many more joining the bandwagon. You can now create a book online .

How it is done

create a book online

There is software available that can be used for this work. The manuscript can be simultaneously be written on several editors and with the help of so many other tools you will be able to format your script that is ideal for uploading on all those platforms. There are so many new tools coming into the market every other day which make the publishing process even easier than it already is. There are lesser barriers regarding technology. This is what all writers want, less hassles and more readers reading heir stories.

The writer has to now focus on the content and bring out something new and innovative that is captivating for the young readers to relate to. The work of writing will be similar like editing has to be dome but you will have tools to help which will make it faster and each mistake will be easier to find that manual checks. After a proof read, knowing that you have finished you can submit to the decided platform and you are sure to get readers for your stories.

How to access readers

For this purpose you will have to have an account on a particular platform wherein you could register and then get your work on their platform. These platforms are usually free for registering and you could do so without any inhibitions. You will then proceed to provide the other information regarding the title, author and other details that the platform may want to know, some of the things may be optional you could fill in which are necessary and proceed further. The platform will be an ideal catalyst to promote your book and allow the readers to find your book easily and quickly too.

There are all kinds of books for kids of all ages right from picture books right to books with chapters for a little older children. There are several tools that allow to make your own cover page which has the same professional look that you would have got from people who are appointed for the said work by the print book publishers. There is tool specifically named cover creator, you would be able to upload your own images or create them and get the cover ready. Getting a good cover is important as it is one of the first things people see and though you mustn’t judge a book by its cover, people do see the cover and decide many a time whether to read or buy the book.

These platforms make sure that your book sells with a lot of merchandising tools to get the customer attention, like a lot of promotions of selling the books for free initially to ramp up the book sales and then gaining access to all the readers in the market.

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