How do you estimate the costs of an enterprise’s renovation?

entreprise de renovation

Estimate costs works:

It is difficult to estimate the cost of a renovation when you know nothing about the building. However, this estimate is essential to know if the renovation will fit into your budget and to plan the financing of the work. In the case of a real estate purchase with works, it is therefore essential to carry out this estimate, otherwise, you risk ending up with a property that you will not be able to renovate for lack of means. If you plan to have entreprise de renovation , roofing or masonry work carried out, it is advisable to anticipate the overall cost of the work. You can also find out about the financial aid available for these projects. Here is the building price guide to estimate the cost of your work as accurately as possible.

Identify the renovation work to be carried out:

Indeed, it is necessary to start by listing the works to be carried out to know on the one hand which body of trade they fall under and on the other hand to order them in time. The renovation of the plumbing is not done before the demolition of the partitions for example. For this, it is, therefore, necessary to create stages according to the elements to be renovated. With this organization, you will then see more clearly the work to be carried out and the pricing of each.

entreprise de renovation

Types of work for a renovation:

You should know that, as for new construction, the renovation will split the work into two categories. The structural work is all that is foundations, facade walls, roofing and so on. The structural works make it possible to build the envelope and the structure of the house. The finishing works and then this is everything that is in the house such as partitions. To be able to assess the price of a renovation accurately, it is important to separate the main work and the finishing work. Especially since the structural works are generally heavy because they affect the structure of the building.

Therefore, the work to be done will not concern all the work listed above:

You should also know that the finishing work cannot begin before the structural work is finished. You will therefore not be able to ignore them and they will be the first to schedule in your schedule and your budget. In addition, some work must imperatively be carried out after others, such as the laying of a floor covering, which must be carried out after the painting work. Otherwise, you risk damaging your floor with traces of paint, for example. But if the list of renovation works is long, it is not necessarily suitable for your project.

But if you already want to start making the list yourself, here’s how:

First, you can take a tour of the premises to assess the positions to be renovated. So, if you notice leaks in the roof or missing tiles, you can already put the roof repair on your list. If the facade has large stains or the coating is chipped or not to your liking, you can also check the facelift and the sealing of the facade.

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