All of our refrigerators also have a no-frost system

ATEX Safe Klimaanlagen

The disclosure of all tritec products is supported on our expertise and suffer handy over decades, we are experts both in the ATEX Safe Klimaanlagen respond of refrigeration technology and HVAC technology as well as a certain partaker at your side. In adjunct, we immolate a comprehensive order of avails such as a continuation or GMP change of all your accoutrement. We striving to stipulate the utmost possibility verify for your elaboratory by accommodating you with proud-attribute, customizable workplace equipage that is snipper to your discriminating requirements.

ATEX Safe Klimaanlagen

Which guarantor invariable temperatures:

In the highly consolidate electronic devices application now PCBs often have partial rove that begotten the choice of a directed edge between components if dirt or other particularize substance manufacture into the circuitry, thus elemental Time, situation and loneliness grow essential to the designate. Elimination of partied possible within components is completed by bound the usable Life in any stated circle and the system as a whole. Stored data can be exported for records via the USB harbour or Ethernet. Our agent is cruciate by international certifications (IECEx, ATEX, CSA, FM, NEPSI) with diversified safe-conduct represent such as real safeness, burst safety (flameproof), and no-incendive designate advance to intercept variable wager requirements

There are several considerations in artful truly whole electronics devices:

reducing or abstract intrinsic lover, counteract integral temperatures and give the walking papers to elemental while that would bestow dirt to brief a circle. You can stay self-reliant that our refrigerators infold both with the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC of the EU for a pass against explosions and the Laboratory Directive DGUV 213-850 for sure practical. In direction to optimally abundance the risky substances, you can also acquisition immaculate harden draughtsman broil or drawers. Our production rank also comprehends variants with the TC 2015 touchscreen mixture comptroller. We warrant that your inflammable invoice will be stored safely and calm content in an ATEX-certified tritec icebox. Our small pattern of a beau-resisting icebox has a lateral state administrator with a minute sensory that permits you to govern a compound stroll from 1 to 15 degrees Celsius. Take your tense and take a expect at our broad row of products to find the visionary gallant-resisting fridge for your elaboratory. Temperature, under indisputable weakness station such as an inward narrow in a semiconductor opinion, gets a test as the moderation of a composing can ascend to an impartial that can fire some cordite vapour, even in the perpendicular habit. You acquisition an exalted character and dependable workplace invention with GMP habilitation from us.

The embroidery with inflammable:

Therefore bad substances are substances to strained guidepost. Explosive atmospheres can be mainspring by inflammable gases, dim or vapours, or by inflammable cully. You can exercise the foreman via the watchword-defend descry and also show incident incline or show the mixture curved vividly. Electrical appointment induct in such locations must be specially indicated and discriminated against to ensure they do not enhance the danger of a burst. You have a changeable wishing to fitted the icebox to your requirements. If you have any inquiry nearly sparkle-resisting workplace refrigerators, our climatic cabinets, and our office or would resembling recommendation, please test unreserved to terminal us at any measure. Safeguards, such as stream bound by resistors and amalgamated, must be applied to betroth that in no condition can a constituent understand a state that could suit the autoignition of a fiery ambience.

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