Warehousing management system method


Another name for the warehouse was lowdown, the spare room, the basement room, or like garage room. The warehouse was used to store the goods for a few days or a few weeks or a few months. It was the wish of the owner of the goods. The warehouse management system was also known as WMS . Wms was the short form.

Usage of warehouse

The warehouse was used by the members who have goods but didn’t have much storage to store the goods. They will use the warehouse or go-downs. It will be very useful to store the goods. For a few days or many days. Decomposable products can store in a special warehouse which means the refrigerator will be working in the room.

Is there is Several types of the warehouse? 

Yes, there are more types of warehouse management system. It will be useful for the company and the farmers. Because most of the farmers don’t have the space to keep their harvested goods. At this time the farmers can go to the storage they can pay and keep their goods for a particular period. The Decomposable products like vegetables and fruits it needs the cold storage because of the fruits and vegetables are in a heat place it will be decomposed soon. If vegetables and fruits are kept in cold storage their lifespan will be extra days for 3 to 5 days. So only most of the farmers prefer cold storage.

Is the storage having for the rent! 

Yes, many of the owners of the going down which mean the warehouse are empty. That warehouse is provided for the farmers and who didn’t have the storage facility they can keep the goods in their storage by paying the rent for the goods.


Guarantee for goods? 

The owner of the goods gives the guarantee for the farmers and who keeps their goods in their storage. That there will be not any damage to your products. You need to see the warehouse clearly if there is any rat problem or something else. If you feel this storage was safe then you can keep the goods in the storage.

Fish warehouse

After the fishing, the Fishermen will go to the storage and store all the dead fish in it. Because the fishes are outside it will give a bad smell after it’s time over but if you keep in the cold storage, we can keep it for few days for the extra time we will keep in cold.

Industrial warehouse

The industrial warehouse will have full security but they won’t allow any other goods to keep in their industry. They will store their raw materials and their products only in the storage. In the industry, storage will be very very safe, and comfortable. If you have the factory you can your warehouse for your goods it will be safe with you itself.

Warehouse for the dairy products

Dairy products are also kept in cold storage. But for butter was in the storage at the 5 to 8 degree Celsius. Because butter was covered with ploy thin paper it has the availability to frozen. Butter will freeze under the 5 – 8 degree.

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