Tour at Galapagos: visit the beautiful island

galapagos islands tours

The Galapagos islands are the part of the Republic of Ecuador and these are the archipelago of the volcanic islands and these are distributed 0n each side of the equator in the place of the Pacific Ocean which is surrounding the western hemisphere’s center. here there are endemic species which are large in number. They speak Spanish here. There is volcanism in this place and it has been continuous in these islands. These volcanoes are numerous in this area with the sources which are the plume magma ones.

Let’s get into its facts of these islands have the bucket list for galapagos islands tours . They have the unfearful wildlife which is abundant and the visitors who wanted to visit the place can get up very much closer and also personal to some of the animals which are rare in the world. This Galapagos has served as the home to the one and only surviving giant Pinta tortoise which is named as the lonesome George and this, unfortunately, has expired leaving this entire world in the year 2012 and in the month of June. There is the convergence of the currents of the oceans and these are the three major ones, and this is going to bring the mix which is extremely incredible for the life which is the marine life to the island and the Galapagos.

What at Galapagos

galapagos islands tours

The marine iguana of the endemic Galapagos is the one and only lizard which can do the swimming in the waters of the ocean. The research of Darwin in the islands of the Galapagos has led to the theory which is groundbreaking of the species and their the year 1978, the UNESCO has designated this island that is the Galapagos as the first and foremost world heritage site and you can see the movie captain and the commander which was filmed on the islands of Santiago and Bartholomew. The name of the island Galapagos, it is the Spanish word, and this is the old word for the saddle which is used by the person bishop Thomas and the members of the crew for describing the tortoises which are giant, but this name had been stuck.

Due to the present which is early of both the inhabitants of English as well as Spanish in the island Galapagos, the island is now having the names of both the English and also the Spanish. So, have you decided when to go? The best time to make a tour is based on the climatic and the weather conditions and then your travel and the trip will be going smooth and will have lots of fun and entertainment.


Due to the position and also the isolation on the equator of the island of the Galapagos can be visited and make a tour all throughout the year. And most of it is the two seasons. The seasons are dry and the warm season. Here the dry season is from the month June to December where the climate will be dry, and the warm season is from the month of the December and to the month of May.

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