Process of web development

buat website

Web development is the building process of a website. It is developed for both internet and intranet like some private networks etc. some high graduated technicians usually produce the websites. They use coding languages like python, java, CSS, etc. These coding languages help us to build websites and also some more social Media etc. There are many websites like buat website  which is created by these code languages. Web development is classified into three layers client-side coding, server-side coding and database technology.

What is the role of this client-side coding?

buat website

Naturally, this is called as front end development. It deals with the outer layer and the options provided on the websites for the customers. It directly relates to people’s vision like font, colour, background, options, etc. Mainly the designers will look after this working process. Through this w can learn about the role in client-side in coding.

What is the role of server-side coding?

The server-side coding is also named and called a back-end website. Usually, this job is done by the developers. It consists of developing the servers and the behind screen working process. It works to enhance the smooth working of the website. If there is a problem arises the server-side will indicate the front-end development so that it will display the error in the monitor.

What is mean by Full Stalk Development?

The full stalk development is in which it consists of both client-side coding and server-side coding. It will do both jobs of front-end development and back-end development. We must learn a lot to access or to do this job. This is known as full-stack development.

Database technology

We all know that all websites have a storage system. The website depends on database technology. This database has all the files and documents which is necessary to access the website. It helps us to store the required data so that we can edit, save, rename the file. Overall, the front-end development and the back end development, database technology helps us to build, function and runs a website.

How these websites create an impact on modern society 

In modern culture, everything is transformed into online mode. It makes people do and accomplish their tasks efficiently. For example, shopping and booking a hotel room, booking a cab, etc. are all available on websites, so that people can make use of it to do their job efficiently. We all know that a person can create a website so that he can provide his service to the customers and the public through the website. For example, RED BUS is a bus ticket booking application. This application is developed to help the customers to book their seats on the respective bus. In the past days, people usually struggle to catch the bus or to reserve seats. Still, now this kind of applications helps the people to do their job efficiently. Not only this many useful online application allows the people to accomplish their task. Nowadays all the things which we have been transforming into online mode. This is the base requirement in database technology.

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