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When the websites are created, then web developments also developed silently, it is not widely spoken in the old times, but it has risen its voice by web development. It is indispensable for our life, and it has played a leading role in our life also. Without the websites or the internet, we are nothing. The first developed web development is WAN (Wide Area Network) is the network that is used in the older period. It is used to connect the internet and websites is vast and long-range distances. Then the LAN came LAN means (Local Area Network) it is used to connect the peoples in the local area or the nearby peoples. The buat website were used at that time of the period. But now these old age systems are gone forever, and the new Era has begun.

The Era of web development!

buat website

This web development is the secondary line of defense in the country’s security. They are used to develop websites that can identify illegal things and find persons. These websites are beneficial to the government to take action against cybercriminals and also in cyber activities. The government only accesses these developed websites. Sometimes some companies also have this kind of development to make their companies and the customer’s privacy safe and transparent. These companies are very rich in financials, and they are multinational software companies. They are building the AI (Artificial Intelligence), which is the new Era of web development, and if it comes, we have no worries and problem in our daily routine life. They will do whatever we want and also do anything we program, and it will be the next generations, God. This web developed AI will be the all-seeing eye of all things. By this, the crime rate will fall, and the protection will increase, we can be safe. But the problem is the privacy if someone hacked the system, they will have all details about as and also have the power to do anything.

The work is done on web development!

Web development has done so many things, and they are beneficial to humans. They created a virtual world apart from reality. In that world we can do any actions and whatever the fantasy we are thinking. It is useful as well as it has a disadvantage. The main demerits are the games. These games become very addictive among the people, and it provides the wrong information’s. So many peoples are getting offended by it. They are getting the wrong thing and applying in society, to the people. By this, youth are getting effect from in physically and also mentally. Sometimes they are become depressed, and they are decided to admit suicide. By this, the current suicide rate became increased, compared to the previous years. So the web development is useful to us, but we have to use it very caution, if we get to attach to the technology, it will be operating us. In that case, the technology should have some limits. Peoples should interact with the society, environment, animals and also to the neighboring peoples.

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