Now we will about the popular app called youtube.

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Youtube is a very famous app in the world. It is used for all the people in the world because they want to be satisfied with youtube videos. There are many channels created and the videos related to that channel are posted on their channel. Creating your tube channel is a straightforward thing:

  • You want to create an email ID in Gmail.
  • Go to chrome and go to the YouTube website.
  • You can change the email ID, select that option, and change the email ID you newly created. These are the YouTube channel which is used to get a straight forward thing.

That’s all. Now you have a YouTube channel on YouTube. You can post your picture in the profile. buy youtube views only good videos and exciting videos are posted on your youtube channel.

Upload the videos or post them on your tube! 

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You use your youtube channel for posting any video. But post the video which is related to your channel, like cooking food. If you posting videos relates to cooking, post only the related video on your youtube channel. In cooking, many items are there. In that, your post which you want. Take a video of your cooking recipe. And post it, and then you can post related videos how much can. Posting more and more videos gives your youtube channel more and more views, likes, and comments. Nowadays the girls don’t ask them for the doubt about cooking. They use only youtube videos for cooking. Cooking is famous on youtube. This is a way of uploading and as well as posting the videos on your youtube channel.

I am trending on youtube! 

Cooking is the second famous one on youtube. The first famous one is games. Now that two only at the top. Nowadays, all the people from the child to the older adult can play games. In the olden days, girls don’t have the freedom to go out of the home. But nowadays girls are also playing games. In this generation, they use money and playing online games, which is very famous. Two or three games are very famous all over the world. Shooting games are now trending globally, which is playing all over the world by boys and girls. This is what your way is trending on youtube.

Clear the mindset with seeing youtube! 

Suppose they have any doubt about that type of online games. They clear the doubts in youtube videos only. In your tube video, all types of videos can be posted on different channels. In that, the gaming videos are also posted to cover the person who is using the youtube. The doubts are also cleared, which the person can understand—the person who sees that youtube videos have an idea to create a youtube channel. Using youtube, you can clear all of the doubts related to anything by searching the content in your tube. In this way, you come to know that you can also clear the mindset from viewing youtube. From these features, we come to know that youtube is a popular

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