Data recovery – An important aspect

professional data recovery

With the advancement in technology, there are several new methods for data storage. But, despite the constant growth in the reliability of storage devices, the loss of digital information is a major reason to worry. General causes of data loss may include human errors, software malfunctions, power outages or hardware failures.

Most of the times, any information stored on a digital medium is almost recoverable. However, you cannot recover a document which was written but never saved on to the storage drive.

How does data recovery work?

professional data recovery

In order to access all damaged or corrupt or lost data completely, one must go to professional data recovery . Recovering all your data without damaging the drive is a tough task. You need a good professional data recovery expert to get your job done without any data loss. A drive needs to be worked only in a clean room without any dust particles. Because dust particles may spoil the read or write head and your drive may crash, increasing the problems. Static electricity in the room can also cause issues. So it is important to make sure that the equipment used for working, the room and clothing of the technicians working inside the room, are all properly monitored.

Generally, hard drive failures occur due to physical damage. The physical damages may be a crushed head or a broken controller board. Sometimes you can just fix these issues by replacing the damaged or broken part. And in cases where there is any physical damage to the hard drive, you may need the help of some professional data recovery team.

Major aspects of data loss: Let us look at it in detail

  1. Data lost due to formatting: When you choose format option, it removes all the data stored on your device. In case you accidentally chose to format your device all files in the storage gets deleted and the device will be reset back to its original format. When the new file and the old file are of the same type, then your existing file system structure will be overwritten. And in case the file systems differ, then the structures will be overwritten to a different location and user’s data will be wiped out.
  2. Logical damage of a file system: Logical damage refers to data loss due to hardware failures or software crashes. Modern file systems are developed so as to render high-level protection against logical damage of the file system. But still, they may not be able to withstand some hardware or software malfunctions.
  3. Storage failure: Sometimes you may encounter some physical issueswith your storage device. You may observe that your device is making some unusual noise, or the device is unable to boot. Sometimes the device may also get overheated. When you encounter such issues it is always advisable to consult a professional team and not to try anything on your own. Even if the files you are trying to recover are corrupted, there is always a chance of being able to get some usable portions of them back by using recovery software.
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