Why are all other countries not united to form single rules for every people in the world?


First of all, every country has its rules and conditions for their country citizens. If the country’s people would not follow those rules, they will be punished or else prisoned. So we cannot say laws in another country to our country will be the same. Likewise, from studies to case handling, there are some changes in the method of handling inside the country. If you follow your country’s government, the same cannot happen in another country. For example, if you make mistakes in your country, you will not be punished or else prisoned for small mistakes, and if the same mistakes when you do in foreign countries, they might consider it as a big issue and will punish you. Let us see some importance of solicitors and redkite

While seeing about solicitors and barrister, there are many differences between both lawyers. If any cases cannot be handled under the solicitor, it will automatically move on to the barrister. So barrister is the specialized legal advisor to handle our cases. But while choosing you should hire, in what type of case you need help in the particular field, you should hire the barrister. Each lawyer will be the best in their field and not in all fields of cases as the first preference people would hire only the solicitor at first. If they lose after the case is handled by the solicitor, they will move on to barrister.


While entering into the field, they should have passed out the solicitor exam. Only then the particular person will be allowed to handle cases in court. And when the person completing barrister exams, they will be permitted to work as the name barrister lawyer. For those students, there might be a separate syllabus for each section, which means a separate syllabus for the barrister and a separate one for the solicitor. Then while having conversations with American lawyers, they would use the word attorney that means another name for lawyers. People who are considered as the topmost advocates in the present country will be called as attorney general.

Without passing in exams. How to become a lawyer?

After completing your degree without passing any exams, you will be permitted to become a public prosecutor. If any political members come under any criminal case, they would get help from a public prosecutor. Not only is this there another position like public prosecutor that means government pleader. The available handler would stay with the criminal side. The same government pleader will also handle by standing with the civil side. And finally, the pending party is known as an assistant public prosecutor, but here the students should complete exams that make them become an assistant public prosecutor. Like the public prosecutor here, they do not need any political background to get their position because if they passed out from exams, they would get their certificates.

Still, there are some lawyers, but not all the abilities will suit a single lawyer. According to their interest and effort in the case, they would get the positions. Only the people should be more careful in handling their lawyers.

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