When a person would affect by facing fake products in the retail store, what are the procedure he should do for complaining about the product?

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Let us see some interesting natural happens to prove out the word consumer. Without the presence of the sun, no lives can able to survive in this world, so with the help of energy supplied from the sun, it is captured by livings things for their survival. While in plants, the point is stored until other organisms like caterpillars come along and consume the plant’s energy. Here the caterpillar is mean by the consumer, which takes energy for its survival from the plant. According to their needs, consumers will divide into different types.

What are all the submit complaint ?

Nowadays, in every work and business, there are some rules to be followed by people and also by their business owners. If their activities affect other people, they have their right to complain against the particular businessmen or any other consumers. In today’s online and offline world, every people are one of the consumers. It is common for every people to buy products to fulfil their daily needs. In that case, sometimes, unfortunately, the buying goods and services turn out to be defective or deficient, unfair trade practice, and maybe a fraud activity between the seller and buyer.

submit complaint

What are all the rights that are given to the consumer while seeing fake products?

Generally, if any of the buyers would see fake products after buying them, they can raise a complaint against the seller. So there is a law named the consumer protection act 1986. According to this section 2D of the duct, a consumer means a person who buys and away goods bought some consideration which has been paid or else promised and has been partly paid and partly promised. Here the consumer also includes the user of the goods and other than the buyer without including the person who purchased the product for resale or else for commercial.

Why should a consumer note the buyer’s mistakes? 

The consumer complaint can be filed in the district forum if the compensation claim is less than 20 lakhs. When the amount of compensation is increased to more than 20 lakhs but less than a crore, the complaint can be raised to the state commission. When the limit crosses more than a crore, then it can be presented in national commission, after complaining the consumer code will be noticed to other party members. After the hearings, both the parties then code will adjudicate the matter.

The appeal of district forum lies to the state commission this would increase like the step by step process when any of the courts is not ready to end up the case then it will be faced by Supreme Court. This is the standard hierarchy of court that has been established under the consumer protection act. Only by raising the complaint and finding its result, the mistake done by the sellers will be stopped.

But it is more important to know about the basics of law. When people would fail to note the mistakes by sellers, then it would rise instead of reducing.

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