What is a care home and what are its types?

Care Homes Hemel Hempstead

There may come a time in one’s life when they are not in a position to take good care of themselves or their family by themselves. This is a particularly concerning problem for very senior citizens and their children because they need good care at their age. Many times children get busy with their career and family and don’t get the chance to provide proper care for their aging parents. For them, a care home is a great option to ensure their parents are taken care of and their needs are satisfied.

What is a care home?

A Care Homes Hemel Hempstead can be referred to as a residential home where individuals are taken care of for a long term, in a place other than their family or own home. Care homes have trained staff that is fully capable of taking care of your needs, be it basic, medical, or recreational needs. They charge a certain fee for their services that is paid by the individual using these services or by their family.

Depending on your ability and needs, you can choose from the many types of care homes available. There are ones that will take care of people 24/7 all year round and some that offer daycare services. Choosing a care home for your loved ones should be done according to the needs of your family, whether long term or short term and your own ability to pay for these services. Most care homes are residential facilities that provide accommodation, food, and nursing care to the elderly and the vulnerable ones.

Care Homes Hemel Hempstead

Here are some types of care homes:

  • Residential care: Such care homes may also be known as retirement homes or old age homes where individuals stay for an indefinite period of time for long-term care. They are provided with food and shelter along with taking care of other needs like medical and recreational needs.
  • Respite care: This type of care home is good for people who would like to take a short break and need daycare facilities for when the home carer or family member taking care of them is not available. It can provide the much-needed retreat for the caregiver and ensure that the individual is taken care of even when their caregiver is not around.
  • Convalescent care: This kind of care home offers services for people recovering from a serious disease, illness, surgery, or injury. They also offer rehabilitation services for such people along with professional caregivers looking after these individuals around the clock.
  • Disability care: Such a care home has trained staff who are capable of looking after people suffering from disabilities of any kind, be it physical or mental. They also look after terminally ill people and people suffering from dementia. These care homes are equipped with all the necessary equipment and installations to make the individuals comfortable.
  • Palliative care: Care homes providing palliative care offer specialist services to take care of people with terminal illnesses that have no cure. Their services aim at controlling and relieving the symptoms such patients have to deal with, by providing special care and treating them with empathy to maintain their dignity and respect them.
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