Using youtube for education purposes

youtube subscribers

Yes, most of the students were learning through youtube only. Because while learning through youtube, the content and the definition will be easy to understand by the students. In most of the schools, the teacher will download the videos that are related to the topic of the subject from youtube. And they will present the videos on the screen to the students. Then only most of the students are archiving the topper place in the class and in the school because of youtube videos. By that, they get the most youtube subscribers . By the subscribers, you tubers will get some more extra money they will be earned. You tubers will get the amount by their subscribers. If your tubers get more and more subscribers, then you tubers get more and more amount from youtube. Officially youtube will transfer the amount to your tubers bank account. However, youtube can also be used for useful and as well as for educational purposes.

 Youtube is a video platform! 

youtube subscribers

YouTube is a video-sharing platform, and it was found in the united states. And it was created by three persons on February two thousand five, and the youtube was brought by the google for 1.65 billion. And now youtube was operated by as one of the google subsidiaries and java and python and c and etc.. . These types of software programs are used to create youtube, and on two thousand ten in January, youtube introduce an experimental version it is a Playback, and all you Tubers can upload the video up to fifteen minutes, but the user who has the good track record in youtube that you Tubers can upload the video up to twenty-four hours as length and as well as they can put the live streaming which requires normally. Youtube account in the mobile phone, and at first, you tube offered that only one quality level and then March two thousand eight they introduced another mode it is a high video quality mode, and then YouTubed announced that it had launched a range of video in four thousand formats and in two thousand eight youtube has launched in India in eleven languages. And youtube interface has suggested which in the local version, and it should choose based on the IP address of the user, and on youtube, we can upload more and more videos. If that video has reached a high level, we can earn money from youtube per month. And the youtube website had launched in nearly seventy-six languages, and your tube has very useful for educational purposes. For many persons, the youtube plays a base platform, which uses for many good and as well as for bad things.

Benefits to the students! 

The students will be interacting with the videos more than the teacher teaching the lesson. Because the teacher was teaching the lesson on the board, it was boring even me too it was so bored by listening to the lesson. If the teacher teaches through the video, I will be really happy, and very sincerely, I’ll listen to the lesson.

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