Mey Homes Capital – A Trendsetter

meyhomes capital phú quốc

The meyhomes capital phú quốc is a newly designed villa, acting as a great trendsetter in the field of the construction business. All these are red hands owned castle, it gives the style of historic as well as elegant in style coincides with the natural environment to give a pleasant surprise on the seashore. Residences are built at a distance of 200m from the sea. It gives a proud moment to say that it is a rare collection managed and operated by the CBRE international Group.

meyhomes capital phú quốc


It has a separate sports centre which has a place and equipment for all the sports. Its entrance is looking good with a fountain to give a beautiful atmosphere. All the areas are fully covered with green trees so that the residences can get fresh and pure air for breathing. The terrace is arranged by a green garden to enjoy the naturalistic approach. It is the first project of long term owner shed urban area near the Phu

It is located on the right side of the coastal road from 200m from the sea of Bai Truong beach. It is one of the most wonderful beaches in the world. The airport is located 11km from this island. The cable car is available from Hon Thom i.e 9km. it is the longest sea-crossing cable car in the world. Duong Dong Town – Phu Quoc is situated at a distance of 18km. it covers a total area of 56.8 ha in 5 subdivisions. It has a construction density of 35% and 1435 units of the total quantity. Its owner is Red Locket- a long term operation.

It has a separate performance centre of Arts and Events in the outdoor comprising 3500m2. All types of performance are enacted there to enjoy their leisure time. The commercial road of 1.38km is constructed and connects the sea directly. It is always busy and due to the shopping centres and the entertainment centres. People can easily buy their needs in a nearby shop itself. Indoor and outdoor sports centre in 4000m2 is beautifully arranged exclusively for Gym, basketball, Yoga and volleyball in indoor. Tennis Court is arranged on the terrace. The sports centre is furnished with all the facilities for playing, maintain the fitness of body and mind with the help of the experts. International school is built with the Hitech quality from kindergarten to level 1 and 2. Its land area covers 10,500m2 with highly qualified and experienced staff members with all kind of talents and skills. The children studying there can gain all sorts of experience in academic and extracurricular activities according to the interest of the people. The event centre is also there to arrange International Conference and Exhibition to exhibit their business, interested people can do their business there and they can gain more clients and customers from there. It will become a turning point for many people. There will be a commercial complex for the hotel – office. It is a city which comprises all the essential need of the people in a hi-fi status. There available a commercial shopping mall and Apartment. Walking square is available for the morning walk and to do warming exercise in the early morning to get the fresh air. It is very useful for elder people to get relaxation and to do yoga.

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