Assessment of electricity consumption of appliances and home electronics

Electricity Plans

Energy-saving identifier

Deciding how much energy your home appliances and gadgets consume will help you understand how much you will spend on using them. Use the data below to measure how much energy the machine consumes and how much electricity it costs to choose whether you want to place resources in a machine that is more energy-efficient.

There are several ways to evaluate how much energy your home appliances and gadgets consume:

Check the name of the Energy Guide. The name indicates the average power consumption and operating costs of the specific machine model you are using. Keep in mind that not all home appliances or hardware are expected to have an energy guide. Use the power consumption screen to see how much power the device is consuming

Calculate your annual energy consumption and costs using the equations below

Introduction to the structure of Electricity Plans analysis of the whole house.

Electricity Plans

Power consumption monitors

The power consumption screens are not difficult to use and can measure the power consumption of any gadget, which will suddenly increase the demand for 120 volts. (However, it does not work on large machines that use 220 volts, such as electric tumble dryers, air conditioning systems or water heaters.) You can use the screens to power anything that is considered a tool shop for approximately $ 25- $ 50 screen, read your user guide.

To find out the number of watts of power used by the gadget, simply plug the screen into the plug used by the gadget and then connect the gadget to the screen. The number of watts for which the gadget is intended is displayed. To find out the number of kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy that gadgets contain in 60 minutes or a day or more, simply set everything up and read the presentation later.

Monitors are especially useful for determining how many kWh is involved in each time frame for non-functional gadgets such as refrigerators. On some monitors, you can enter your kilowatt-hour energy bills and provide a measure of the gadget’s operating costs because it is connected to the monitor.

Calculation of annual electricity consumption and costs

Our equipment and machines can increase your electronic energy consumption and evaluate your annual energy consumption and the cost of working on obvious objects. The stated power values ​​are for testing only; The actual power consumption of objects varies depending on the age of the object and elements. Enter power and incentives for your subject for the most reliable meter. Sources of information on energy input and rate: Energy database of buildings for 2010, table 2.1.16; Energy saving in the home; EIA Average retail price of electricity – residential.

Using these methods, you can monitor the annual energy consumption of the building and also the cost of working on it.

Measure the number of hours per day the device is running. There are two ways to do this:

Good prophecy

Suppose you are familiar with the amount you regularly spend on the machine, which you usually know by the number of hours of operation. For example, if you know that you regularly watch TV for about 4 hours continuously, you can use this number. If you know you will be running the whole house for 4 hours before it shuts down, you can use this number. To measure the number of hours the refrigerator has been operating at maximum power, divide the total time the refrigerator has been connected by three. Refrigerators, although often “on”, turn on and off according to the situation to maintain the temperature inside.

Keep a record

You may have a usage log on some computers. For example, you can record cooking time every time you use the microwave, work on a computer, watch TV, or leave the light on indoors or outdoors.

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