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watch time

Watching time in youtube!

Youtubers have the watching time who are the people watching the videos were posted by the youtube channel owner. Someone skips the video, and then they will go to the main content of the video and see it and go to the next video. In fact, I’m also not interested in watching the full video, so I will skip the video, and I will go to the main content of the video and skip to the next video. The watch time is necessary for youtubers. Youtube company will send the money based on the watch time of the public who sees the videos which were posted by youtubers. So, according to this, watching a YouTube passes our time and as well as you can also be used to get news.

Social network as youtube!

YouTube is a social network platform in youtube. Anyone can create youtube channel and upload the video. For the beginner, they can upload a video up to fifteen minutes, but then youtubers can reach the high level they can upload a video up to twenty-four hours. Youtube was founded in America, and it was created by three persons. Google brought youtube for 1.65 billion money, and then it was created by different software programs like java and c and python and etc..…. At first, on YouTube, we can watch the video at only one quality level, and the youtube has introduced a high-quality mode. Then we can watch the video at high quality, and youtube had launched in seventy-six languages, and youtube interface has suggested that it should choose based on the IP address of the user and in youtube. We can create the channel, and we can earn money in the youtube by uploading more and more videos. It is very useful for educational purposes and in youtube. We can improve our knowledge and skills, and then we can entertain ourselves and in youtube. We can put a live stream, and if we put any information, it will easily reach the people, and in youtube, if we watch any important or our favourites information or video, we can save that in the youtube itself and in youtube. We can watch any videos continuously that, like related videos, will be shown in the interface. This is why the reason as the youtube is prevailed as a social network.

watch time

Youtube through Android phone is used for!

Now youtube used by all the people in the world who have Android mobile in their hands. I use youtube videos for gaming purposes and also for mobile performance. But my sister uses youtube for cooking purpose. My mom uses youtube for TV serial purpose. My sister cooks better by seeing the youtube channel. But my brother didn’t use youtube. Because he didn’t need the purpose of the videos in the youtube, someone did not have the need of youtube videos. I only use the youtube videos for games and comedy videos. So, I use youtube videos regularly.

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