A woman and Her Fashion World


Women have all the freedom to choose in the fashion world. Fashion reflects a woman’s personality. It definitely makes a woman stands out unique from the crowd. Women have all her rights to put forward her fashion sense in the spotlight and to project their personality. Men always have exalted woman for their fashion sense all the time and have been looking forward to it. The advances made by the woman in the fashion world have brought a lot of success to her. Today’s woman is more experienced, knowledgeable and well-traveled and wants to make their own fashion choices to outnumber the male counterparts. The word fashion is feminism is taking notice now. Fashion is overperforming in the current years, and it has no gender. Women visit Flakko.nl for the best shopping experience.


Fashion Elements

Fashion elements bring out the confidence level in a woman at a greater rate. It brings out her breezy feminist style. Dress, shoes, and accessories contribute to the style elements of woman’s fashion. A sexy black dress definitely contributes to the fashion element. The basic fashion elements are lines, colors, shapes, form, and texture. These basic fashion elements are from the base to design and fashion accessories or garments. These elements contribute to choosing a garment for a woman. These elements combine together in the fashion design process to create the end product. They are the building blocks to understand clothing and fashion world.

Overview of the Principles of Fashion Design

A designer has to visualize the design principles before designing a garment. The designer has to keep the wearer in mind before designing to enhance the look of a garment. The principles of fashion design include proportion, balance, unity, emphasis, and rhythm.

The proportion relates to the number, size and amount in the garment. The various garment parts like a pocket, collar and hemline have to be designed proportionately to each other. Balance could be symmetrical or non-symmetrical. A balance defines the creativity in the garment and to the attire. Unity or harmony is the overall look of a garment. It is a sense of harmony in color, size, and detail in the garment. Emphasis is that one particular highlighted element in a garment which makes the entire outfit look unique from the others in the crowd. Rhythm is the smooth flow of lines, pattern, shape or color. Choosing a garment that is proportionate to height and weight is very important. Taking advantage of all these fashion design principles is essential in everyday styling.


Woman fashion is a sense of expression. It is deemed ornamentation for women’s expression. She has all rights and desires to regulate the modesty in her clothing. Fashion is a very specific need in life to define herself. With fashion by her side, a woman can craft her image and project herself to society. It is amazing to see how fashion has evolved over history from classics to the trendiest ones. The style in clothing and accessories showcases the changes in society.

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