14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan and 3 very important tips for your weight loss goal

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan

Weight loss is probably one of the top search terms on google. Millions of people search online for weight loss tips every day. To feed this hunger, there are also millions of webpages readily serving so-called ultimate weight loss tips and tricks. When most of those tips are a myth at best, but there are lots of diet plan, exercise methods, etc. which can harm the well being of people. Before you blindly trust any website or YouTube video, you should talk to your physician or nutritionist for their opinion. Or if you want to know how to lose those extra inches from your belly and that too with just three simple steps backed by proven scientific data, you should check our 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan . With this diet plan, you’ll lose your fat substantially without any muscle loss. Here are some additional research-backed tips for you to help kickstart your weight loss journey.

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan


  1. Add Protein to Your Diet

Protein is one of the critical nutrients, for not only weight loss, but also your overall health. When you eat protein, your system burns lots of calories to metabolize the protein. Hence you should try a high-protein diet plan which will boost the calorie burning process, and you can burn up to 100 calories every day by that way.

Another advantage of a high-protein diet plan is that your stomach remains full for a longer time and your craving for junk food reduces drastically. According to statistics, people who are on a high-protein diet, consume up to 400 less calorie every day. Even a simple protein-rich breakfast like an egg would have a very dramatic effect in your body.


  1. Eat whole, natural, farm-fresh foods

Eating whole and naturally, fresh food should be on your diet plan’s checklist if you want to lose weight. If you’re going to eat egg, try not to buy from supermarkets – instead look for those farm-fresh organic ones. For chicken, similarly only purchase free range organically fed chickens, instead of those industrially raised. If you’re craving for carbs, do not eat pasta, pizza, or noodles or processed carbs; instead eat the whole carb, like rice with bran, steel cut oats, etc. You might wonder what’s the direct relation of consuming whole fresh foods with weight loss. Having whole food means, you’re getting more essential nutrients from food, without consuming extra calorie. Like, if you eat white rice which is industrially processed, then you’re consuming only carb. But if you eat rice which still has some bran, then you’re getting additional nutrients like mineral and fiber. Hence, you’re getting two benefits. First, if you’re getting additional mineral and fiber from the same amount of rice, you don’t have to consume other foods for those minerals and fiber; therefore you’re getting more nutrients from less calorie. Secondly, whole grain like rice with bran will keep your stomach full for an extended period.


  1. Stay clear from junk and Processed Foods

You should strictly avoid junk and processed food by all means. Those are full of extra sodium, sugar, saturated and trans-fat. Researches found that those junk foods are addictive in nature. Those are full of such chemicals that give you a “satisfied” feeling, and you crave for more and more.

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